The Mighty Tackhead

it's tackhead tape time

Tackhead Tape Time

still from the movie 'alien', used for inner sleeveGary Clail's Tackhead Sound System - 'Tackhead Tape Time'

Tackhead are Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald and Adrian Sherwood. They have collectively recorded and co-produced several exceptional 12" singles and one LP - a masterpiece 'Major Malfunction' credited to drummer Keith LeBlanc.


The Tackhead Sound System has been 'operating' for just two years, first appearing with its namesake Tackhead and Mark Stewart & Maffia during their awesome live shows. More than simply adding 'support', the sound system and M.C./operator Gary Clail provide a non-stop assault of unreleased tracks, re-mixes and out-takes of studio recordings made by the Tackhead crew. These tracks are twisted and dubbed 'live' through the P.A. mixing desk while maybe three rhythms, sound effects and chants play simultaneously. During all this Gary endaevours to 'express' himself, usually on a megaphone through a microphone and all done from the P.A. desk in the middle of a club, hall or wherever the show may be.

Some people have called Gary a rapper. Gary is, in fact, an ex-scaffolder and second hand Cortina salesman from Bristol, England, and sees his new role as chanter extraordinaire as his true vocation.

Gary Clail has, to date, recorded three 12" singles: 'Half Cut For Confidence', 'Hard Left' and 'Reality (in my Life and in my Dreams)' and all three appear drastically re-mixed on this LP. Also featured are sound system favourites: 'Mind at the End of the Tether', 'M.O.V.E.', 'Get this Beloved' and 'What's my Mission Now?', all re-mixed and put through the mangling machine. Also included is the previously unreleased 'Man in a Suitcase' featuring Gary on vocals and London based scratcher, D.J. Cesare.