The Mighty Tackhead

it's tackhead tape time


Doug Wimbish

Doug Wimbish of course has his own website, with a messageboard and detailed information about his gear. Check him out at MySpace as well! Doug has his own NovaSound Studios, 'the studio with the best sound I ever heard', says he. With his Living Colour team mate Will Calhoun Doug is Headfake (picture). With Will Calhoun, Mos Def, Bernie Worrell and Dr. Know, Doug forms Black Jack Johnson. Doug is premium endorser for Trace Elliot.

Adrian Sherwood

adrian sherwoodAdrian Sherwood has of course his own On-U Sound studio and label. Pressure Sounds, and Green Tea, are On-U related record labels. Adrian's recent work involves projects with Queens of the Stone Age, Asian Dub Foundation, Sinead O'Connor, Visionary Underground, Indigenous Resistance and the In-/Output Festival. For an impressive overview of Adrian's work, visit David Parker's archive and if you want to check out rare photos or video clips Taxcider's is worth a visit.

Skip McDonald

Skip McDonald, returned to his old love, the blues with Little Axe, but with dub influences of course. Check out Real World Remixed and and create your own version of If I Had My Way, from the recently released album Stone Cold Ohio. And don't forget the special feature on the site of Real World Records, loaded with music and information. Little Axe now also has its own MySpace. Check it out and become a friend!

Bernard Fowler

bernard fowlerBernard Fowler, background singer for Rolling Stones, has his own website, with many pictures and even paintings.

Keith LeBlanc

keith leblancKeith LeBlanc has his own website and recently opened up his MySpace  with cool music and clips. He's also one of the drummers related to Freddie Gee Promotions. KLB uses Zildjian and Premier.