The Mighty Tackhead

it's tackhead tape time

December 16, 2013


'For the Love of Money', the new Tackhead album, will be released on January 10, 2014, as a digital download, on cd and on vinyl, by Dude Records, a sub division of German record label Echobeach.
For the Love of Money

The 15 track album, that features cover versions of classic tracks and an extended version of Tackhead's Stealing, is available for pre-order now. For For the Love of Money Tackhead recorded songs originally performed by artists such as Bob Marley (Exodus, War), David Bowie (I'm Afraid of Americans), James Brown (Funky President, For the Love of Money) and The Meters (Just Kissed my baby).

The songs have been mixed by the likes of Adrian Sherwood, Gary Clail, Danny Saber, Wohlklang, AS-Paralyzer, Umberto Echo and Dubvisionist. For the Love of Money comes with nine digital bonus tracks. The lp, on 180 grams vinyl, contains eight tracks.

Win a T-shirt!

Both the cd and the lp come in strictly limited editions of 999 and 500 hand numbered copies. If you get your hands on a special serial number, please post a picture to Tackhead's Facebook page or send an e-mail. Make sure your product and unique special serial number (111, 222, 333, 444, 555 et cetera) can be clearly seen and we’ll send you a free Tackhead T-Shirt (in black...) plus postcards and stickers.

  • Pre-orders in the USA for the cd and the lp.
  • Pre-orders for Europe for the cd and the lp.
  • Pre-order in the UK for the cd and the lp.
  • Or buy the album on iTunes.