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January 16, 2014

Little Axe re-issues with bonus tracks

Little Axe's first two albums, the critically exclaimed 'The Wolf that House Built' and 'Slow Fuse', are re-issued with loads of additional bonus material. Both releases will be only available as digital download.

The Wolf that House Built (1994), often considered to be the inspiration for Moby's hit album Play, comes with 21 tracks, including alternate versions of the tracks Ride On (Fight On), Hear My Cry and Another Sinfull Day, mixed by Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald, Raw Stylus and Harvey Jones. The original album counted 12 tracks.

The new release of Slow Fuse (1996), Little Axe's second album, has 23 tracks. Bonus material includes versions of Must Have Been the Devil , On the Beat Sound, Storm Is Rising, Too Late, Going Down Slow and the songs Lift Off, Falling Down, Judgement and Fallen Grace.

Some reviews from back in the day:

AllMusic: "Exquisite."
Consumable: "The Wolf That House Built takes the passion and power of the blues and weaves them into an incredible fabric of funky, ambient rhythms. A listen to The Wolf That House Built is a dream journey through the soul of a blues singer."
Reggae Reviews: "Arian Sherwood and Skip McDonald should be congratulated for taking a risk and experimenting."
Blues On Stage: "The Wolf That House Built would not only garner great reviews, but would also lay the groundwork for Moby's Play release."