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it's tackhead tape time

Sharehead is in the area!

Time for a commercial break, directed and shot by no other than Dog 'Fellini' Wimbish, for the Sharehead project. 'Stealing' in the name of Tackhead. 'You're not a Sharehead holder? You will be before the night is over!' Tackhead will record more tracks in London in June, whilst touring with Mark Stewart.

July 6, 2007 23:00 Age: 10 yrs

Sharehead in The Area!

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Sharehead is back! This is your chance to make a brand new Tackhead album happen, in cooperation with the German record label Echo Beach, responsible for so many Tackhead related great re-issues.


The new Sharehead project sees the light. Tackhead has already a load of new tracks. Bernard Fowler, Adrian Sherwood, Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald are now waiting for you to put the music on wax (ehm.. cd)! Join before it's too late!

Here are the facts:

  1. TACKHEAD was (and, in fact, still is) one of the leading genuine music happenings of the last three decades.
  2. They have produced and recorded for Seal, Annie Lennox, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Nine Inch Nails,  Charlie Watts, Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Malcolm McLaren, Mos Def, George Clinton, African Bambaata, Mark Stewart, Tommy Boy label, Sugarhill Gang label, amongst others... Described by The New York Times as 'one of today's most extraordinary rhythm sections, TACKHEAD are now taking care of their own hits.
  3. The one thing in life that you really want is a new digital sound format pulsating with (the one and only) TACKHEAD grooves and vibes (call it what you want: Body-Metal, Rock'n'Dub or R'n'B  Industrialized avantart) because it's time to make the world a more spiritual, musically authentic place.
  4. You're not alone there are more souls out there who want exactly the same!
  5. We want to avoid all major labels and big corporations by doing it ourselves with the help of TACKHEAD supporters around the world.
  6. This will be the world's first record production where fans and supporters join forces to fund the production.
  7. We want you to help fund a new TACKHEAD production. By doing so you'll be putting yourself in the pole position.
  8. To achieve this aim we'll be hunting for shareholders all over the world, through the internet, press media, radio...!
  9. There will not be an official release for a limited period of 6 months except for the copies every SHAREHEAD shareholder will receive.
  10. There won't be any shareholder meetings and your dividend is completely independent of the stock markets  (you yourself decide what you want to do with your TACKHEAD copies)
  11. Your dividend rate will be equal to your investment of imagination and belief in doing things for sake of it...!
  12. We don't  know why things take so long to change; but when it comes you're gonna be ready... for the first original TACKHEAD recordings after 17 years.

The SHAREHEAD game continues. Now you know that strange things happen all Friday"media" night. Just to make sure, all of the above has been officially examined by the TACKHEAD gang. SHAREHEAD is a unique project: the first time ever that a band wants to involve as many fans as possible (don't forget to tell folks about it) in a leading audio production experience.

TACKHEAD is on the verge of producing a NEW album (cover versions and the best Tackhead tracks from their archive) which will be financed completely by SHAREHEAD.

The project will have SHAREHEAD at the control  tower. In order to become an official member, you'll get the opportunity to purchase a share-block of 200.-  Euro!!! (payment by Paypal.)

Our mission is to find 100 shareholders, which is the minimum needed to swing the project, and we feel more than confident that we'll meet this target. The last official TACKHEAD  album featuring the full team is 17 years ago (Strange Things on SBK)

Here's what you get for your SHAREHEAD membership:

  1. 5 copies of the finished product CD. Strictly limited edition in special packaging. AND an exclusive live album.
  2. Your name will be listed in the official project booklet.
  3. You'll receive an official document stating you're one of the chosen few who have helped to fund the world's first SHAREHEAD album project.
  4. After a period of 7 months the album will be available worldwide on the internet only to download via iTunes.

Just a few words about the SHAREHEAD project which was originally announced 11 years ago. The idea we had then was truly revolutionary (for instance, we were going to find SHAREHEAD members only via the internet) but, unfortunately, we were forced to cancel the idea for a variety of reasons. Some years later, other musicians and bands (EinstĒšrzende Neubauten, for example) copied the idea...??!!
We were really sorry about it , but we did not have any other choice and hope that the we still have enough credit with all the TACKHEAD fans around the world... to get the project off the ground this time round. In TACKHEAD we trust...!

If you are seriously interested, please contact us via e-mail here:

THIS is Reverend T.A.C.K. ...this ministry is unique; just lay your hands on the...!

A short clip taken during the first recordings for the Sharehead project during the European tour February 2008 by Tackhead, Little Axe and Bernard Fowler's Bad Dog. I'm afraid of Americans was recorded in Vienna, Austria.