The Mighty Tackhead

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solo heads

Tackhead members Adrian Sherwood, Keith LeBlanc, Doug Wimbish and Skip McDonald have worked together for decades now, and not only as Tackhead. There was Fats Comet of course and The Maffia, with Mark Stewart, but the four were also the backbone for Strange Parcels, Che (aka St. Che), DJ Spike, Interference and still are the core of Little Axe.

Together they cut records with Bernard Fowler (who joined Tackhead in a later stage), Gary Clail, Barmy Army, Jesse Rae, Andy Fairley, Bim Sherman, Jalal (Last Poets), Anne-Marie and many more. And of course they recorded various solo efforts together (Keith LeBlanc, Doug Wimbish and Adrian Sherwood).

On these pages find more information about the Tackhead musicians and related artists. In other words: these pages are permanently under construction!