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johnny was

This is a MUST for all you On-U Sound lovers out there: the film 'Johnny Was', out on DVD on September 16, with a 39 track reggae soundtrack, compiled by Adrian Sherwood, and with (having had a look at the official trailer above) a lot of his own work.
Here's a synopsis of this 2005 film from Northern Ireland, directed by Mark Hammond and with actors such as Samantha Mumba, Lennox Lewis, Patrick Bergin, Vinnie Jones, Eriq La Salle and The Who singer Roger Daltrey:

Johnny, trying to escape a violent past in Ireland, hides out in Brixton, London, in the world's least-safe safe house, sandwiched between a drug den run by a Jamaican gangster and a pirate radio station belonging to a Rasta DJ. When Johnny's former comrade escapes from Brixton Prison determined to derail the Irish peace process, Johnny faces being dragged back into violence and away from his new love. Johnny's actions ignite a simmering war on two fronts with his drug-dealing neighbor and his former boss Jimmy. Johnny faces questions of race, morality, loyalty-and ultimately survival-played out against a great reggae sound track from legendary DJ-producer Adrian Sherwood.